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The AST Infectious Disease Community of Practice (ID COP), the first AST Community of Practice launched, was established in 2002. The goal of this COP is to provide a forum for all individuals interested in transplant infectious diseases to network, exchange thoughts, share resources, develop research ideas and educational activities.

On behalf of the ID COP Website Working Group and the Executive Committee, we would like to welcome you to our website. We encourage all individuals interested in transplant infectious diseases to join this dynamic and growing community. Let the collaboration begin!

The ID COP Website Working Group

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*2020 Influenza Vaccine FAQs for Transplant Recipients*


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Executive Committee (2023-2024)
Chair: Aruna Subramanian
Co-Chair: Ricardo La Hoz
Board Liaison: Raymund Razonable
Member-at-Large: Cathy Logan
Member-at-Large: Meenakshi Rana
Member-at-Large: Madeleine Heldman
Member-at-Large: Julie Steinbrink
Member-at-Large: Marcus Pereira

Early Career Member-at-Large: Courtney Harris

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (akreiss@myAST.org)

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