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Learning Module: "CMV Prevention" 

03-03-2020 13:56

Pediatric Tx ID Learning Module: 
"CMV Prevention"

Using the interactive modules: 
- Download the file to your computer, where you will be able to open it directly as a presentation. 
- The modules are case-based, with decision points (branches) containing questions and potential answers ...Many questions don’t have right or wrong answers ...Click on a response ("A", e.g. a diagnostic test), and you will find out more about it 
- Multiple “action buttons” help you navigate 
- The basic modules are designed to take about 45 minutes to complete 
- You might take longer, especially if you choose to investigate all of the informational links provided 
- Do NOT use your keyboard arrows or mouse click to advance slides 
- Only use the navigation buttons on each slide – these will keep you from getting lost ...If you do get lost, you can hit the “home” button any time to go back 
- Take your time and enjoy!

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