Burnett Kelly

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• A pediatric and adult liver, intestine, and multi-organ transplant surgeon.
• An experienced, passionate, and mature surgeon/clinician with expertise in living donor liver transplantation, split transplantation, complex gastrointestinal rehabilitation/reconstruction, hepatobiliary surgery, portal hypertension surgery, renal transplantation, and nutrition.
• A surgeon-leader with the clinical operations and quality improvement expertise to build the necessary relationships to help teams function within a culture of respect and continuous improvement.
• A contemporary educator with strong communication skills, an in-depth understanding of the multidisciplinary approach to organ donation and transplantation, and an innovative, patient-centric focus.
• A results-driven transplant surgeon who ultimately defines success as delivering expert value to patients, experiencing the quality of a purpose-driven life through interactions with patients and colleagues, and contributing to the academic mission and legacy of transplantation/organ donation.