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What is a Community of Practice (COP)?

AST COPs are unique, specialty-area focused groups within AST. Each COP is dedicated to exchanging knowledge, offering networking opportunities, advocating for issues that are relevant to each of their constituencies, and developing resources to meet the needs of their members. The unique strength of the COP model is that new ideas and goals can originate from COP members and then become integrated with the overall goals and activities of the entire AST.

What is the AST COP Hub?

The Hub is your tool for accessing your COP online community. On the AST Hub, you can connect, collaborate, and further your AST member experience! You must be an AST and/or COP member to access this information and participate.

To ensure you receive email notifications from the Hub, Higher Logic (our Hub platform vendor) has provided Whitelisting Instructions.

Get Started on the Hub

  1. 1. COP Members - Visiting Your Communities: Go to the "Communities" drop down menu above and select the one you want from the "My Communities" list.
  2. 2. Join a Community of Practice:  AST members may join a COP by logging in to their accounts on myast.org and clicking on "My COP Memberships."
  3. 3. Not a member? Professionals in the transplant field who have not previously been a member of AST are eligible for a one-year Trial COP Membership. If you are interested in becoming a Trial Member of an AST COP(s), please submit your interest and contact information here.
  4. 4. More Information: Visit the AST website for more information on each COP.

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